System Integration In order to fully implement an Integrated IT System, NBS provides guidance for planning and decision-making using an approach based on customized solutions, expert management and deep IT industry knowledge. Through these procedures, we ensure the success of our implementation.

IT and network infrastructure is a basic necessity for modern buildings, in order to meet the needs of business automation, call center operation, intercommunication, control and safety systems.

NBS, with highly experienced engineers and technicians, has undertaken projects in structured cabling systems and local networks project planning, cable supply and connection products from a wide range of quality certified brands. The main advantage of NBS is its expertise in communications network based structured cabling. Thus, NBS can offer comprehensive integrated solutions, from overall design and installation of the system, up to quality measurement and certification.

Structured Cabling

The term structured cabling features a series of Regulations / Standards, internationally recognized, applied to the planning, design, installation and delivery of a low voltage wiring system, for the transfer of all possible information (data, voice, video) in one Network. The proper choice of the physical medium of transmission of information, contributes significantly to the quality of the network, but also to reduce the time it is turned off.

It is crucial to emphasize that the evolution of technology and demanding applications require a “strong” background, which will cover both the current and future needs.
The appropriately qualified and experienced staff of our company company is in position to design, install and certify Structured Cabling systems, taking into account the following factors:
  • customer needs and the physical space available
  • the cost factor associated with customer requirements
  • current and future requirements and network performance
  • reating a friendly, scalable and easily manageable environment for the end user

NBS implements complex projects for the public and private sector and has gained significant expertise and experience from these heterogeneous environments in the marketplace. Similarly, NBS has secured strategic partnerships with leading international Vendors, and is able to offer highly competitive value-added solutions.

More specifically, NBS offers advanced solutions and services listed below:

  • Client Virtualization
  • Systems Virtualization
  • Virtualization Platforms
  • Storage Consolidation
  • Data Management including Backup, Archive and Deduplication
  • Application Delivery, Virtual Desktops, Thin Clients
  • Exchange & Active Directory
  • SharePoint
  • System and Application Monitoring
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Business Applications

The growing demands of enterprises and organizations for the smooth and efficient operation in a changing environment, fully coupled with the booming information and telecommunication technologies and their endless applications, creates a need for integrated solutions. The network infrastructure is the key and crucial axis on which numerous functions of an organization are supported.

NBS has the ability to design in an efficient manner the current needs of an organization offering business applications, user communication, Data, Voice and video applications, access and exchange information through advanced switching and routing and of course launching new services.

The company’s Engineers provide support and counselling services for optimal design, upgrade and expansion of telecommunications and computing systems. They also help in determining choice of equivalent products that successfully meet the clients’ needs, in light of the most advantageous economic and technical solution. Very often, simulations are organized in the premises of NBS, where a client is able to evaluate the offered solutions and choose the one that fully meets his needs.

Each project because of the complexity in a volatile environment full of risks is necessary to use appropriate methodologies for successful execution in accordance with the prescribed time, cost and quality for customer satisfaction.For the coordination of each project, NBS implements methodologies for project management, quality assurance and risk management methodologies with the use of appropriate tools. These methodologies, in conjunction with the analysis, design and development of the project lay the foundations for the planning, execution and monitoring of the progress of each including decision making, organizing, planning, budgeting, coordination operations, communication and control.

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