NBS, responding to modern demands, provides integrated security solutions that cover every need for effective security, both IT and Physical, empowering the customer’s business and ensuring continuity.

Security is a primary need for every business and organization and involves a wide range of everyday activities which include facilities equipment, manpower information and procedures.

NBS, responding to modern demands and taking into account the international market trends, provides integrated security solutions that cover every need for effective security. Security Solutions addressed to all businesses and organizations.

Our highly trained technical staff, as well as our proven experience in the successful completion in Security projects, offer the prerequisite for successful application in any business.

The solutions offered by NBS meet security needs such as:

  • HD Surveillance Systems (CCTV) and Digital Video Recording
  • Structured Cabling
  • Fiber Optics (Installation, Finishing and Measurement)
  • Vehicle License Plate Recognition System (LPR, ANPR) & Access Control Systems
  • Video Analytics Applications
  • Access Control Systems / Traffic / Space / Staff / Visitors
  • Perimeter Security Systems
  • Alarm Systems (Fire & Smoke Detectors, Temperature & Explosive Gases, Alarm Panel, Detectors, Sensors, Radar)
  • Central Management Solutions

The Internet as a global medium of information transfer and exchange offers businesses direct communication with partners and suppliers, and processing trade. The widespread use of information systems for the storage, processing and transmission of digital information is a necessity. This trend requires to deal with network and information security and to act to eliminate risks.

NBS with specialization in IT Security offers solutions to any IT security issue facing an organization.

Vulnerability and penetration test

NBS implements these tests via internet or within the network with or no information about the organization. The deliverables of the service include the findings and recommendations to rectify, and addressed both the administrative and technical staff of the organization.

Internal Network Security and Data Center
Design and implementation of intranet based best practices and safety standards (VLANs), Internal firewalling systems, IPS, Load balancers, Authentication, accounting and authorization solution (AAA).

Perimeter Security
Firewall and Unified Threat Management appliances, Intrusion Prevention and Detection, VPN connections, design of network infrastructure security / Secure Network Infrastructure (DMZs), Web and Email Security solutions, Load Balancers.

Endpoint Security
Endpoint Security, DLP, access control, authentication, Implementation security policies.

Remote access security
SSL VPN, authentication, DLP, Encryption, Endpoint Security, Unified Threat Management Firewalls.

Unified Communications Security
Specialized solutions such as VoIP Security, VoIP proxy, VoIP firewall.

Security in Virtualized Environments
Virtual Firewalls, Load Balancers, Virtual Antivirus, Virtual Intrusion Prevention Systems, Authentication Mechanisms.

Security of Electronic Transactions
Penetration tests, network infrastructure design, Web Application, Database and Internal Firewalls, IPS, Public Key Infrastructure, Smart Cards, Tokens, Server Patch Management , server Antivirus , Encryption , Load balancers, SSL Certificates.

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